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10.06.2013 09:35
Spiorad fiach dubh

I want to thank you for your wonderful music. I found out Celtic Woman is at Red Rocks in CO tonight and I wasn't able to get there. I am so bummed out. Maybe next time. Good Luck and God Bless.
08.06.2013 16:47
The Phantom Of Rock

What a BUMMER!!!...I had "Live At Slane Castle 2006" I watched that video Over & Over & Over & itBrought Tears of Joy to my eyes. You are "The Violet-Violin," Ms. Nesbitt!
I'm In LOVE with you
08.06.2013 00:25
R. Scott

I just noticed that Scott M has not been feeling well recently and would ask you to say a prayer for him.
01.06.2013 17:56
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead;)

In your hands, the violin has a magical power,
in your hands, the violin became a living being...
Only in your hands violin has the miraculous gift of life !

Best Greetings to You and Celtic Woman !!!
25.05.2013 07:02

You have a God-given talent when it comes to playing the fiddle! When I attended the Celtic Woman concert in Charlotte, NC, I got to see in first person all the passion and energy you bring to your music, and it was breath-taking! Thank you for that small gift. It warms my heart even now as I think about it.
20.05.2013 06:06
Curtis Swanson

Hi Mairead! My family loves to watch and listen to you perform. We are looking forward to the upcoming Celtic Woman concert at Ravinia.

My 10 year old daughter Jamie started playing the violin last year and we would like to know how much practice you did every week. Did you need encouragement to practice or did you need encouragement to stop practicing and eat?

Curtis Swanson
20.05.2013 01:36
george dupes

I have the honor of seeing your live preformance in Las Vegas, May 26th. I dropped a line or two to Chloe and Lisa L. I am as Irish as they get and mighty proud of it. You young ladies take me to a home of my forefathers. The strings of and angels harp and the voices of angels.
What a Grand group of young ladies you are. And thanks for the music.
George Dupes
13.05.2013 01:22
dave oatway

Hello for Melbourne, Florida! We just returned from the Celtic Women concert at the King Center as again had a magical time. We had a guest from Mexico with us who said it was the best musical performance she has ever seen. Thank you and your friends for a great time and wonderful memories.
09.05.2013 03:11
Kieran Sandford

Dear Mairead,
Hello again! I so enjoy listening to you and the rest of Celtic Woman! You all have inspired my so much to go farther with my piano and my singing! I think you women are brilliant! if you have Skype do you think that you could add me??? my Skype name is Kieran.shay! I look forward to hearing your fiddle playing and to see your beautiful face! Thanks you!
Love, Kieran
08.05.2013 19:21
Canada, Alberta

Just wanted to let you know that You sound great. :D Thank you for sharing music with us, it is very appreciated. Hope you have a great year and enjoy to the fullest!
Canada, Alberta
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