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07.11.2013 14:18

The Phantom STILL Loves Ya!!!
26.10.2013 17:45
mike mcneely

saw you in atlanta, you are fantastic, best to you in all your life
22.10.2013 01:24

Looking forward to seeing the group again. I was a bit leery of the "other" Mairead, but she is really good and seems to be a sweetheart. You are my favorite, but I get so exhausted just watching you. I am 64 and not too athletic, if you get my drift. Keep on doing what you do best and then do it a bit better each time. Love all of you Irish Lasses !
19.10.2013 07:20
Martin D****r

Dear Mairead,My Favorite Irish Pixie,
I am so happy for you that you have received the accolades you so richly deserve for your beauty, talent, elegence and grace.
My best wishesfor you ad your Fiance and I hope your magic never wears off on him.

Yours Martin D****r ( Australia)
PS I look forward to seeing you in Brisbane Australia
16.10.2013 07:16

Dear Máiréad, thank you so much for the wonderful evening with Celtic Woman in O2 Arena in Hamburg yesterday. Celtic Woman are my "Bridge over troubled water". They let me forget all pain, sorrow and anger. Please come back to Hamburg soon as possible!!!
11.10.2013 16:16
Jim Overton

Hi Mairead

Good luck on your tour starting in Germany
hope you have a wonderful time.
10.10.2013 11:14
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

Best Greetings for the Best violinist on the World and Best Violinist in the all Universe...
Best Greetings for the Best - Celtic Woman...

With Pleasure... I'm your Croatian Fan!!!
21.09.2013 12:48
The Phantom Of Rock

Morning, "Violet-Violin"
I'm beginning to believe that you never read your guest-book?
I'd Be Deeply Honoured if you'd sign MY GUEST-BOOK.
The Phantom LOVES YA!!!....Your Breaking my Heart, by not "Giving me The Time Of Day"
PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT To You, Mairead.
17.09.2013 16:52

Hi Mairéad! Although I don't have a drop of Irish blood in my veins (I wish, I wish, I wish I had!) I'm so in love with Irish music, dance and culture. Celtic Woman DVDs always help me through the day. I deeply enjoy singing the beautiful Irish ballads and songs and try to play my little tin whistle whenever I'm down or weary! I also intend to take up Irish dancing (am I foolish at 36?)...I just wanted to congratulate you on your grace and skills at violin playing! You look like a beautiful fairy! I see why they had you to play on the Tinkerbell album! It is such a joy to see you play! I hope I can see you live with the other girls in Italy one day! God bless you and... see ya!
08.09.2013 17:55
The Phantom Of Rock

Great Day To You, "Violet-Violin"
I actually had a Dream about you, last night!
I was telling you how I bought your DVD "A New Journey" I couldn't remember the name, Then you helped me solve it, and invited me to a concert, on the same night of the day we were meeting each other. Somehow I was Late, then you introduced me to your "Little Girl" who was a Same resembelence to you!!!....Very Abstract Dream
I'm listening to "Raining Up" As I write to you...
PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT To You, Mairead...The Phantom LOVES YOUuuu!!!
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