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11.10.2013 16:16
Jim Overton

Hi Mairead

Good luck on your tour starting in Germany
hope you have a wonderful time.
10.10.2013 11:14
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

Best Greetings for the Best violinist on the World and Best Violinist in the all Universe...
Best Greetings for the Best - Celtic Woman...

With Pleasure... I'm your Croatian Fan!!!
21.09.2013 12:48
The Phantom Of Rock

Morning, "Violet-Violin"
I'm beginning to believe that you never read your guest-book?
I'd Be Deeply Honoured if you'd sign MY GUEST-BOOK.
The Phantom LOVES YA!!!....Your Breaking my Heart, by not "Giving me The Time Of Day"
PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT To You, Mairead.
17.09.2013 16:52

Hi Mairéad! Although I don't have a drop of Irish blood in my veins (I wish, I wish, I wish I had!) I'm so in love with Irish music, dance and culture. Celtic Woman DVDs always help me through the day. I deeply enjoy singing the beautiful Irish ballads and songs and try to play my little tin whistle whenever I'm down or weary! I also intend to take up Irish dancing (am I foolish at 36?)...I just wanted to congratulate you on your grace and skills at violin playing! You look like a beautiful fairy! I see why they had you to play on the Tinkerbell album! It is such a joy to see you play! I hope I can see you live with the other girls in Italy one day! God bless you and... see ya!
08.09.2013 17:55
The Phantom Of Rock

Great Day To You, "Violet-Violin"
I actually had a Dream about you, last night!
I was telling you how I bought your DVD "A New Journey" I couldn't remember the name, Then you helped me solve it, and invited me to a concert, on the same night of the day we were meeting each other. Somehow I was Late, then you introduced me to your "Little Girl" who was a Same resembelence to you!!!....Very Abstract Dream
I'm listening to "Raining Up" As I write to you...
PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT To You, Mairead...The Phantom LOVES YOUuuu!!!
28.08.2013 00:59
Mark N.

Thank You for inspiring me to take up the violin at age 66. I have finished 44 years of my career. I now want to play the violin along the Grand Canyon just a short distance from my home during the Fall months. I pray the Lord blesses you every day. Mark N.
23.08.2013 03:41
The Phantom Of rock

Hello, Mairead..
I know It's been a few days, or so, but I've been listening to you, & Other celtic Music Constantly...
Anyway,..."ZOBMIE"...& quot;With their tanks & Their Bombs & Their Fun, They Kill CHILDREN, For FUN!!!....ZOMBIEssss, ZOMBIESsss, '''
I really do hope , "THE ALIENS" do attack Earth, So We Can Become united as a ONE WORLD PEACE???
The Phantom Of Rock
16.08.2013 16:43
The Phantom Of Rock

Listing to "RAINING UP"
You Are One Of GOD'S Greatest Creations!!!
13.08.2013 23:40
The Phantom Of rock

Slane Castle, again...Today...
Trying to Re-Group!!!
Why do I put myself through my own Man made HELL!!!
I Need YOU
13.08.2013 05:50
The Phantom Of rock

****, Mairead...The Police were here earlier, They couldn't bust me when I Played, "THE BEATLES" for them...We shook hands, and They were on their way To Find some, "REAL CRIMINALS!!!"...PEACE GIRL
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