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08.08.2013 10:40
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

I am so sad and worried about leaving Chloe from Celtic Woman family.
In one occasion I wrote;
Celtic Woman are like golden crown,that is decorated with diamonds...
Diamonds are you dear girls and when one girl goes from "CW" family
one diamond fell out from the crown, and this crown is not beautiful as before.
You know; Some names no "replacement",Some talents are a gift from the God!
Let by Celtic Woman family together, do not let that diamonds fell out from the golden Crown!!!

Najljepši Pozdrav Iz Hrvatske !!!
07.08.2013 16:32
Jim Overton

Hi Mairead

I am so sorry to hear Chloe is leaving the group.
I hope you will stay on for many more years.
There is no way you can be replaced.

If you leave that would be the end of
Celtic Woman.

You have always been my favorite.
06.08.2013 23:04
Oliver S. Ewing

I have seen you perform with Celtic Women live for the past 5 years. I wish that I had your energy. Hopefully your stay with Celtic Women will continue for years to come.
06.08.2013 16:40

you are a beautiful talented lady with a special gift.thanks for sharing that gift with people like me .
look forward to seeing you again when you visit the north Carolina area again ( soon I hope ) may GOD bless you in all you do.
04.08.2013 09:06
The Phantom Of rock

GOOD MORNING, "VIOLET-VIOLIN"Tried to sleep....Couldn't
Got up and Listening to "CELTIC" ladies singing...
Hell, they're makin me feel Lonely, already than I am....
All In all, It still soothes my soul
I'll meet my "Fair Lady"...In the Near Future...I'm tired of being without a WOMAN!
01.08.2013 11:20
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

In your hands Violin has the gift of Life...
Your smile makes you so special artist...
Who sees your smile,
Who hears your Violin he must be your Fan!

Greetings to You and Celtic Woman!
31.07.2013 06:51
The Phantom Of Rock

Hello, "Violet-Violin"
I just had my Birthday present, watching "Live At Slane Castle"
I Noticed in, "YOU RAISE ME UP"
You gaze sadly at the Heavens when the Lyrics say....Someone to share the Fire with me...
PEACE & LOVE to You, Mairead
The Phantom Loves you.
30.07.2013 16:20
The Phantom Of Rock

Hello "Violet-Violin"
Listening to, "Raining Up" at the moment
My Birthday is tomorrow.
The Greatest gift I could ever receive, is if you sent me an E-Mail
PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT To You, Mairead!
28.07.2013 04:58
The Phantom Of Rock

Skidoo has Inspired me to take a "Juice-Harp"...Take it to the Limits, Distort it, Magnify it...Effects & Make it sound like a GODLY Instrument!!!
28.07.2013 04:16
The Phantom Of Rock

At the end of, "A NEW JOURNY, LIVE AT SLANE CASTLE"... You were too busy playing your Violin
for any Man to Hand you A Bouquet Of ROSES... I send you LOVE & LIGHT...
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